How to make your rented flat feel like home?

Published: 17-05-2021

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Sometimes, moving into a new apartment comes with the feeling of alienation. Since it is not your own home, it can feel strange and unfamiliar. Accordingly, it is essential to make some changes and make the space more homely, as you can stay there for several months or even years.

For your comfort and convenience, the rented flat must be well-suited to your preferences. Furnishing the flat with materials and features that are in line with your interests is a good start to make your rented flat feel more homely. Fortunately, there are countless ways to make your rented space feel more like your own home. Below are some tips that may be helpful.


Use houseplants and flowers

Houseplants and flowers are a great way to give a room a bright and natural look. In addition to brightening the mood and aesthetics, they are also crucial for a feeling of home atmosphere. Seeing plants in your space makes you feel more comfortable and at home. Houseplants like ficus and rubber trees are tall enough to fill room corners and empty spaces in the flat.


Request for places where permanent changes can be made

After renting an apartment and before furnishing it, you should ask for an acceptable degree of change. Ask your landlord for spaces where you can make permanent changes. It helps to better adapt the environment to your tastes and preferences. Also, areas that require permanent changes significantly affect the overall appearance of the apartment. Therefore, they make the rented space feel more homely after the change.


Decorate or redecorate walls

Walls are important determinants of how any home looks and feels. Sometimes the wall material, such as brick or wood, or the colour of the walls may not be right for you. In this case, it is better to decorate the room with materials and colours that you feel comfortable on a daily basis.


Use soft furnishing to create a colour scheme

The cushions, throws and rugs are good ways to create a homely feeling. Using a colour scheme for these furnishings can make the rented space feel more comfortable and lively. The materials used for this purpose should also be soft and comfortable to add character to the rooms.


Create a homely environment with lighting

Coming from different backgrounds is the reason why people react differently to different environments. It is believed that by setting the lighting in line with the colours of childhood, the room seems much more homely. Therefore, in a rented apartment, it feels more homely when the lighting in the room is adapted to that of the home. Lighting is also great in adapting a space to different moods. For example, a living room can be furnished in soft pastel colours, making it much more homely than if we left it in the colour chosen by the landlord.


Cover up old or creepy features

When renting a flat, outdated or even creepy designs are often discovered, for example from the previous tenant. In that case, try to hide these old features or adapt them to the modern world. This will make you feel more at ease and then more at home.


Overall thoughts on how to change your rented flat to your homely flat

Changing your rented flat into your home is quite simple if you know exactly what you like and what styles of home decor make you feel comfortable. While the tips will help with the change, it is also important to identify what exactly makes you feel at home. If houseplants do not fit into your ideal home decor, you can choose something that makes you feel that way. Therefore, your individual preferences are critical when you make any changes and adjustments to the newly rented space.

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