Essential kitchen tools and appliances worth investing in

Published: 19-05-2021

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If you love cooking and want to take it to the next level, the kitchen tools and appliances listed in this article are definitely worth investing in.

A well-stocked kitchen is efficient enough to help you to create delicious and unique recipes every day without spending much time and effort. There are specific kitchen tools and appliances that every good cook should have, and others have become a necessity in today’s fast-paced life.

Every kitchen should be equipped with useful essential tools that make cooking more manageable and effortless. Good pans, pots, cookers and knives are examples of essential kitchen tools. While these kitchen tools and appliances are fairly simple yet effective, there are other chef-style kitchen appliances and tools on the market that are worth your splurge. Below you will find top kitchen tools and equipment that you should invest in.


Food processor

A good food processor is indeed a multifunctional kitchen appliance. It is not only for chopping and cutting. This essential kitchen appliance can work wonders in your kitchen and make cooking faster and more efficient. A food processor is not just for chopping and slicing, but this basic kitchen appliance can do wonders in your kitchen and make your cooking faster and more efficient. It can make the smooth, delicious pesto or tahini, mix the dough, create delicious spreads like peanut or hazelnut butter, and emulsify salads dressings.


Instant pot

We all struggle to save time on a daily basis. The instant pot is an all-purpose gadget and the perfect kitchen appliance for a busy lifestyle. This smart appliance works just like a slow cooker, but takes little time. With the instant pot, you don’t have to wait all day long to eat the short ribs or tender meat. You can prepare delicious meals in half the time and with minimal effort. You can also steam rice, boil eggs and cook chicken stock in one pot.


Food thermometer

There is nothing worse than dry, overcooked or undercooked meat, right? It can affect not only the taste. Undercooked meat can also affect your health and, in extreme cases, cause food poisoning. A food thermometer can help you improve your cooking times. It tells you whether a food is cooking at the required ideal temperature. With this small gadget, you can cook your meat perfectly without checking it every 5 minutes.



A good blender is a must-have appliance in every kitchen. This versatile kitchen gadget can help you to prepare the perfect soups, sauces, salad dressings, purees and smoothies. Make sure it is a good blender from a reputable brand so you don’t have to invest twice a year in the same machine.


Professional knife

Everyone has knives in the kitchen, but a good professional or chef knife can make chopping and slicing so easy that you will love the dicing and slicing every time. It's also great for carving meat, mincing herbs, slicing garlic and removing seeds from peppers. In addition, professional knives are easy to control and hold compared to regular knives. Their sharpness makes them more predictable, which reduces the risk of injury.

The above kitchen tools and appliances can be another amazing addition to your kitchen. All the tools we have listed are dynamic and versatile. However, always try to invest in good quality kitchen tools and appliances that will help you cook without worrying about durability issues. Hope your cooking life will become more comfortable with these tools!

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